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Help please what this mean if a guy does this?!?

Question by Poka D: Help please what this mean if a guy does this?!?
At the gym theres a guy that we always flirt, fight flirt, tease, acts tough, put his hand on my hand when he showed me something on his phone, blushed when my mom’s friend called me beautiful etc. A couple of times we would walk out together and he always waits about 40 min for my ride to get there and always offers me rides. He just turned 23 and I am about 18. One time when he gave me a ride, I told him “I don’t mind when my ride comes later cause I like talking to you” and he just said” aw u have a crush on me” so i said calm down but he looked like he did not know what to say after. I also said that we should play raquetball in the gym but he was like “i dont like that game” then i said its really nice of him to give me a ride but he kind of changed the subject. He never asked for my number or to hangout. What should i do or say to let him know i like him w/o being obvious?! And also my mom told me she thought he likes me cause he acted shy around me

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Answer by Tom
wear a really short skirt but don’t say much to him just soft flirt

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Please read ONLY PSYCHICS ANSWER Am i psychic? is the spirit of my g-pa following me?

Question by Jennifer: Please read ONLY PSYCHICS ANSWER Am i psychic? is the spirit of my g-pa following me?
When i was very young, like 0-3 years old, on some nights, i would see something in my closet. I would point at it screaming ” That thing! That thing!”. My mom would run in sleepily (at like 2am) and yell “What thing?!” That’s too long to tell the whole story, but anyway we moved out of that house because it was haunted by the previous owner that died there and was attached to the house.
Nothing unusual like paranormal activity happened to me after that.
Last year, my grandpa died. Not long after i recognized a lot of paranormal activity happening to me. No history of psychics or mediums in my family. None of my family members experienced paranormal activity-just me. I think only my mom believes me and that isnt too much belief. Anyways, some of the things i noticed was when i was petting my cat in her little cat condo i saw a figure in the kitchen, yet all of my family members were on computers. A lot of times i would feel unusually cold. If the fan was on it’d feel like 30-40 degrees in the room ( like it’d feel a lot colder than normal). Sometimes i’d get like a chill rush down my body. One time i was upstairs and heard the door slam shut. I ran downstairs, and my family was all just sitting there on the couch. I think my grandpa follows me when i’m at home. So, figuring it was him, i decided to play a little “yes or no game”. One knock would mean yes. Two knocks was a no. I’d ask a question. I’d wait about 30 seconds then i’d hear knock(s). Another time i tried communicating and saw a huge shadow fly across the top of my door frame. Later, i said i’d leave a notepad and pencil and i left the room for 5 minutes to see if any writing would be on it when i came back. When i came back, nothing was on there. A few days later, i searched that notebook and saw all these phone numbers written down. I never had taken that notebook to school before. I never wrote down a single number in there before! Psychics: am i psychic or medium? Is my grandpa the spirit that’s following me? Don’t leave negative comments like i’m crazy or i will report. Please give me answers! Please read ONLY PSYCHICS ANSWER Am i psychic? is the spirit of my g pa following me?
Thank you everyone you all have wonderful answers and i appreciate it Please read ONLY PSYCHICS ANSWER Am i psychic? is the spirit of my g pa following me? i’m not thinking this in my head please let me know anything else if my grandpa talks to you

Best answer:

Answer by Maria
Of course you are, dear. Your grandpa is trying to get your attention because for some reason he cannot pass on to the afterlife. It is your job now to figure out what he wants you to do to help him move on. Clearly you are the only one in your family he can contact about this so you are the only who can.

How did your grandfather die? Did he have any unfinished business? Was there someone he wanted to see, or something he wanted to do before he died? Try to find the answer to these questions. Use the phone numbers as any other clues your grandfather may give you!

If you go to your grandfathers grave or wherever his remains are, you should experience a stronger activity. Exhume your grandpas grave!!!

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Random, Random, Random Survey #3?

Question by ♫Bliss♫: Random, Random, Random Survey #3?
1. Are you more afraid of bees or spiders? Or are you not afraid of either?
2. Are you afraid of heights?
3. Coffee or Soda (or pop I guess)
4. Do you have a cell phone?
5. Do you have a facebook?
6. Pens or pencils?
7. Candy (of your choice) or ice cream (of your choice)?
8. Have you ever played the video game, “Sims”? If so, do you like it?
9. Do you like the cookie dough more then the cooked cookie?
10. Have you ever been to the Maine, USA?
@ Madame Houdini. No, I live there and I’m going to leave as soon as possible. O_o Although it is very pretty here in the fall. Scenery is about all we have good here, and the lobsters I guess, if your into that sort of thing.
@ Blue Girl. I don’t think your a loser, I don’t have one either.

Best answer:

Answer by katie
1. Bees
2. No
3. Pop
4. No
5. Yes
6. Pens
7. Ice Cream
8. Yes and Yes
9. Yes
10. No

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Why can’t I tell a girl how I feel? Wondering is so punishing.?

Question by With Grill: Why can’t I tell a girl how I feel? Wondering is so punishing.?
I’m friends with this girl, and we’ve hung out a couple of times 1on1. But it was all friendly. We’re still friends and sometimes we wont talk for a couple of months because we’re both busy. She knows I like or liked her because I’ve told her so a few years back but she never really acted toward it, or in a sense that I never seen it. Why can’t I just be straight up with her? This mainstream and visualization of a creep really bugs me because it tampers with my mind and emotions toward this girl that I really want.

I want to take this girl that I’ve been having a crush on out, I want to tell her how I feel about her.
I have a decent job, make good money, no baggage. I don’t want to play “the game.” I want to speak my mind with her and see where it goes. If it’s creepy I don’t care because it will be exactly how I feel and move one whether it’s with her or not. We all live in a small town.

I will tell her one-on-one face to face, eye to eye, i don’t care. I’m man enough to do it, and face a chance of rejection. I’m not going to do it over the phone or a letter, I want to speak my mind in a physical manner.
what I want to say is:
I’ve had a crush on you since middle school when you first walked in out middle school gymnasium, I remember seeing your eyes and your blonde hair, I thought you were sooo hot(in terms of a 7th grader) because you played basketball with the boys, I never really talked to you during those times because I didn’t feel worthy and you were dating someone else anyway. I felt out of your league because you’re just too beautiful. I see hope when I look at you, and I know one thing is true in those world and it’s that beauty exist. Words can’t describe you, I can’t take my eyes off of you. I want to get to know the people in your life. I want to share with you my philosophies and hear yours. I want to get to know you inside and out. I want to understand you. I want to tell you how you make me feel everyday, like the way you’ve been making me feel

Best answer:

Answer by David Chapman
At the moment you’re in a difficult situation because she doesn’t know how you feel. I think the big long speech might not be the best way to let her know, because she’ll be caught by surprise and she won’t have the chance to prepare. Her response might not be what you want because you have caught her off guard. If the relationship is going to progress it will be because she feels the same way. I think you should spend more time with her and make it clear that you want to date. Be open and honest. Good luck

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Q&A: Pleaseeeee helpppp? Meeeee?

Question by Lil’ Lizzie 😉 <3: Pleaseeeee helpppp? Meeeee?
So in October I met a guy on the bus and he smiled at me and initiated everything and it looked like he was super interested in me but he was shy. When we got to the last stop, he asked for my e-mail and I haven’t heard from him since. I haven’t even seen him on the bus because he said that day we met that he got out early from a job where he said they had to like read and do some work in order for them to get a higher position. He told me where he lived like the city and I really miss him I even had a dream we met again and he didn’t even recognize me.
When he got my email he read it and he was like “oh were going to have to go to a dodger game” because of my email. He told me he worked at a Burger King and we both didn’t have a phone. Anyway I really want to see him again it’s not fair :(. I have never dated and I really liked talking to him. What would you do in my position???? I was thinking about calling the burger king locations in the city where he lives and asking for him but I don’t want to be weird. Also I could go to the train station where he lives and just wait for him but I really don’t know I’m running low on options and patience :(.

Best answer:

Answer by my love
make sure he likes you and play hard to get try face book to find him

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